Is Windows 10 the best Windows ever?


From the moment when Windows 10 was revealed, it was clear that the new Microsoft’s modern OS will fix everything from the unlucky Windows 8.1 which failed expectations and people were very disappointed with that release. But now seems that things are changed with Windows 10, thanks to the glorious new user feedback system who helped Microsoft to build the perfect Windows to date.

According to the history of Windows, the most successful version in early 2000’s was XP and later succeeded by Windows 7 which is still the most used and popular Windows version. There are enough reasons that Windows 10 is the best operating system and it is going to be a big deal for Microsoft, and also for the users in every sense.

Compared to the 6 years old Windows 7, it is clear that Windows 10 is superior in every way without doubt. It is innovative, fluid, more productive and rich with features which automatically put earlier Windows versions in the shadows because technology only go forward. I’m playing with Windows 10 since the first public beta and I can confirm that the is the best OS ever but still not finished. “Windows as service“ is playing the main role here which means that Windows 10 will be the last OS and will receive new features every year, just like Mac OS X does.

Despite all these things, there is another great thing. Windows is not only OS, it is also brand new platform that wants to be a competitor of Google and Apple. Unlike Windows 8.1 and now with Windows 10, Windows Store apps are significantly improved. That really allow users to be more productive that before. Windows Store now have 206,284 paid and free apps that are available for download, clearly behind the numbers of Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Thanks to the “Windows Bridge for Android“, we will see large improvement here in near future and that will be great for Windows as universal platform.

Windows 10 privacy is already long top topic which scared all Windows users who think that they were not followed by Microsoft in earlier versions of Windows. People started to avoid Windows 10 because of this reason which should not be crucial because Microsoft certainly does not steal your passwords for an example. Privacy is very important, but in this case information that Microsoft takes from you is not something you will regret.

When we consider all these things, it is clear that currently there is no better OS than Windows 10. Microsoft finally learned a lesson to not make the same fatal mistakes like Windows 8.1. You can have Windows 10 on your desktop, smartphone, pc tablets and that is pretty cool thing about Windows. And yet as improvements hit the Windows Update, Windows 10 will beat and steal the crown of the fabulous Windows 7, and also to maintain the wanted success which should have happened earlier.


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